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110 Ada's Mother
Ada's Mother
Biographical Information
Name Unknown
Origin Virtual World
Occupation Mother
Spouse Mentioned
Children Ada (daughter)
Status Living
Owner N/A
Character Information
Portrayer Linnea Sharples
Episode "Unvanquished"

Ada's Mother drops Ada off at Atlas Arena for a pyramid game between the Caprica Buccaneers and the Gemenon Twins. Ada hugs her mother longer than usual. This prompts her mother to ask if she is alright. Ada assures her she is. Then she gets out of the car to go to the game.

Ada's Mother has no clue that her daughter is an STO martyr planning to blow up the arena to further the cause of monotheism.

This scenario is actually a holoband demonstration to pitch the idea of Apotheosis to the Monotheist Church on Gemenon.