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114 Alvo
Biographical Information
Name Alvo
Origin Virtual World
Occupation STO Operative
Religion Monotheism
Status Living
Owner Gara Singh
Character Information
Portrayer Peter Wingfield
First Episode "Reins of a Waterfall"
Last Episode "Apotheosis"
Cultural References Alvo River
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Alvo is the avatar of a shadowy STO operative in the Virtual World. Clarice Willow occasionally meets with him in a confession booth. The screen of the booth is semi-transparent, allowing only a silhouette of Alvo to be seen. Alvo's voice is distorted preventing any further identification, therefore providing complete anonymity. ("Reins of a Waterfall")

Confessional Meetings[]

Clarice puts on a holoband and virtually meets with Alvo against his wishes. She tells him that they are close to getting Zoe Graystone's sentient avatar, which will help the Soldiers of the One serve the Lord through apotheosis. Alvo is upset that her actions have brought scrutiny on the organization and tells her that not everyone shares her beliefs. ("Reins of a Waterfall")

Alvo tells Clarice that the Church does not want apotheosis. Clarice says they do not understand it. They do not get it. She wants a meeting with the Conclave so she can show them the value of it. Alvo says they support Barnabas and she will just have to accept that. He tells her that God expects us to place our faith in God's emissaries. Clarice says that Barnabas is not an emissary. He just does the church's dirty work. She asks for more time to develop her plan and then she can show them a glorious afterlife that we can see and touch. ("Know Thy Enemy")

Alvo informs Clarice that her students have turned against her and joined Barnabas' cell. Clarice does not believe him, but Alvo says it is true. Pann, Hippolyta, Keon and Lacy were caught on camera at the Trojan Spaceport one hour ago. They attempted to bomb the spaceport to kill her and they will try again. He asks her what she will do about it. ("Retribution")


After Zoe (as the U-87) kills Nestor, Olaf and Clarice flee the Graystone mansion. Later, Gara Singh finds them. He reveals himself as Olaf's anonymous informant in the GDD. He also tells Clarice that she knows him as Alvo, her anonymous STO contact in the Virtual World. ("Here Be Dragons") ("Apotheosis")

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