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114 Kevin Reikle
Type Polytheist terrorist group
Location Gemenon
Debut "Unvanquished"
Significance Kevin Reikle and other STO members pose as Apolli to test the faith of STO cadets.
Cultural References Apollo

The Apolli are a polytheist terrorist group based on Gemenon. They are an extremist group which employs violence to achieve their aims. ("Blowback")


The Apolli take their name from Apollo, one of the Lords of Kobol.

They are severely critical of Monotheism. They believe that the Monotheist God does not answer the prayers of his followers. They say about the Monotheist faith:

The mighty Gods are striking back. As the Olympian Gods rose, the Titans fell, as all Gods must. Now one God can kill them all. One God. This can only be mankind putting his own face into the heavens, making a God from his own image. It's the height of hubris! ("Blowback")

Gemenese Relations[]

The Apolli is one of two warring factions on Gemenon. They are located to the east of the Monotheist Church. The Hephaestons are the other faction, located on the opposite side. The power struggle between the three has resulted in a stalemate. ("Unvanquished")

Behind the Scenes[]


  • Most of the evidence depicting the Apolli is derived from the STO induction exercise in the episode, "Blowback". STO Praetor, Kevin Reikle, and other STO soldiers posed as the Apolli. Therefore it is possible the Apolli were misrepresented through a Monotheist bias.

Cultural References[]