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Aquaria Flag
General Information
Known as The Ice Colony
Ancient Name Aquarius
Location Helios Delta star system
Societal Information
Population 25,000
Capital None
Major Cities Heim
Patron God Hermes
Attractions Kyros Summerfest
Pyramid Teams None
Series Connections
Significance N/A

Aquaria is a planet in the Cyrannus Star System, orbiting the Helios Delta star. Aquarius is the ancient name of the colony, which was named after one of the Twelve Tribes of Kobol.


Aquaria is a frigid ocean world with only one major land mass: Kyros, a crescent-shaped continent with volcanoes at both ends. Founded as a scientific research outpost, this remote world has also attracted a small but sturdy population known for stubborn independence, social tolerance and a unique barter system. However, the population can swell to as many as one half million during the annual Summerfest, which features music, dance, theater and epic poetry.[1]

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