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Name Artemis
Other Names Diana
Patron God of Leonis
Significance Goddess of Chastity, Hunting, Wild Animals, Forests, Childbirth and Fertility
Photo Earth statue of Artemis[1]

Artemis is one of the Lords of Kobol in the Battlestar Galactica universe. In the religion of the ancient Greeks, she is one of Olympian gods in the Greek pantheon.

Lord of Kobol[]

Artemis and the other lords lived in peace and harmony with humanity on Kobol until the exodus of the Twelve Tribes two-thousand years ago. She is the patron god of the colony of Leonis.[2]

Ancient Greek Religion[]

Artemis, daughter of Zeus and Leto, and twin sister of Apollo, was goddess of chastity, hunting, wild animals, forests, childbirth and fertility.[3] She is known as Diana in the Roman Pantheon. Convincing her father to grant her wishes, Artemis desired to remain forever chaste and unmarried and always to be equipped for hunting. The goddess was also associated with the moon and was the patron of young women, particularly brides-to-be.

Artemis is most frequently portrayed in ancient Greek art as a maiden huntress with quiver and bow, often accompanied by a deer and on occasion wearing a feline skin. Early representations also emphasize her role as goddess of animals and show her winged with a bird or animal in each hand.[4]


  • Artemis is the patron god of Leonis.

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