Athena Academy
Located in Caprica City
Debut "Pilot"
Significance Private Secondary School
Characters Zoe Graystone
Lacy Rand
Ben Stark
Clarice Willow
Jordan Duram
Keon Gatwick

Athena Academy is a private, religious secondary school in Caprica City.


The academy is dedicated to their patroness, the goddess Athena. Although officially polytheistic, the school is open to all forms of worship including the belief in a singular god.

The academy is sometimes referred to as the "Athenian Academy". ("Pilot")


Sister Clarice Willow

The academy is run by headmistress, Sister Clarice Willow.

In actuality, Clarice is a Monotheist who runs a Soldiers of the One (STO) terrorist cell. She uses her position at the academy to covertly proselytize students to Monotheism and to bring them into the STO. ("Pilot")

Lacy, Zoe and Ben make the Monotheist gesture upon their foreheads.

Clarice recruited student Ben Stark to the STO. He, in turn, recruited students Zoe Graystone and Lacy Rand. Pann was the first student Clarice recruited, then Hippolyta and Keon Gatwick. ("Pilot") ("Retribution") ("Gravedancing")

Revelation and Investigation

When Amanda Graystone announced at the MAGLEV Bombing Memorial Service that her daughter, Zoe, was the terrorist who blew up the MAGLEV train, that gave Agent Jordan Duram the evidence he needed to obtain a search warrant for the school. After Amanda's revelation, many students heckle Lacy (Zoe's best friend) including Caston and Keon. ("Rebirth") ("Reins of a Waterfall")

Prefect Caston heckles Lacy.

Lacy meets with Clarice in her office. Clarice tells Lacy that Amanda's revelation gives unwanted attention to them. She probes Lacy for information about Zoe's sentient avatar program. She lies to Lacy that she was Zoe's confessor and Zoe confided everything to her. She says that Lacy can tell her anything. Lacy is uncomfortable and leaves as soon as she can. ("Reins of a Waterfall")

When Duram obtains the search warrant for the lockers at the Academy and Zoe Graystone's residence (any place she might have kept evidence of her involvement with the bombing), he informs Gara Singh, director of the Global Defense Department investigators. Singh cautions him to “keep it tasteful,” as Duram plans to bring reporters with him. At home, Clarice receives a phone call alerting her to the impending raid. She leaves, purposefully bumping into a businessman and picking his pocket for an e-sheet that she uses to tip-off Keon at the Academy.

Keon clears bomb equipment out of his locker. Duram, Agent Youngblood, GDD investigators and the media arrive at the school. Lacy (who now knows that Keon is STO) tries to speak with Keon, but he ignores her and leaves. After the GDD depart, Clarice sends the traumatized students home. The lockers have been ransacked and the school is a wreck. Clarice breaks down crying. ("Gravedancing")

School Directory

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Behind the Scenes

Filming Locations

  • Exteriors were filmed at the School of Theology, University of British Columbia, Robson Square Campus - 800 Robson Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. [1]


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