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113 Atreus Skybar
Biographical Information
Name Atreus
Origin Tauron
Residence Caprica City
Occupation Gun Runner
Religion Polytheism
Status Deceased
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer Ben Cotton
Episode "False Labor"
Cultural References King Atreus
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Atreus was a mobster who was in charge of the gun trade in Caprica City.

Sam Adama was running guns to Tauron to help his people in their new struggle against the corrupt Tauron government. He was shaking what guns he could off the streets. Atreus caught Sam in the act. He killed Sam's partner, Demos, but let Sam go so he could send a message to the Guatrau not to muscle in on his gun business.

The Guatrau told Sam he must avenge Demos' death alone, since he acted alone without the Guatrau's consent.

Sam discovered the U-87 robots' capabilities and took one with him to Atreus' hangout at the Skybar where Atreus and his friends were celebrating their victory over the Guatrau. The Cylon opened fire on the room and killed everyone except for Atreus, only wounding him. Sam toyed with Atreus who thought Sam would let him go. Instead, the cylon opened fire on Atreus and riddled him with bullets, killing him.

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