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Aurora Figurine BSG
Name Aurora
Other Names Eos
Debut Battlestar Galactica: Maelstrom
Significance Goddess of the Golden Dawn
Photo Figurine of Aurora

Aurora (Eos) is one of the Lords of Kobol in the Battlestar Galactica universe. In the religion of the Ancient Romans, she is the Goddess of the Dawn.

Lord of Kobol[]

Aurora is Goddess of the Golden Dawn. She brings the morning star, a fair wind and a fresh start. ("Battlestar Galactica: Maelstrom") Aurora and the other gods lived in peace and harmony with humanity on Kobol until the exodus of the Twelve Tribes two-thousand years ago.

Ancient Roman Religion[]

Aurora is the Latin word for dawn, and the goddess of dawn in Roman [religion] and Latin poetry. Like Greek "Eos" and Rigvedic "Ushas", Aurora continues the name of an earlier Indo-European dawn goddess, "Hausos".

Guérin - Aurora and Cephalus

Earth painting of Aurora and Cephalus [1]

Aurora renews herself every morning and flies across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun. A story taken from the Greek by Roman poets tells that one of her lovers was the prince of Troy, Tithonus. Tithonus was a mortal, and would therefore age and die. Wanting to be with her lover for all eternity, Aurora asked Jupiter to grant immortality to Tithonus. Jupiter granted her wish, but she failed to ask for eternal youth to accompany his immortality so he became forever old.[2]


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