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Baxter Sarno, host
Comic, performer
Stage Manager, crew
Crew Member, crew
Makeup Artist, crew
Daniel Graystone, guest
Amanda Graystone, guest
Tomas Vergis, guest
Cyrus Xander, visitor
Priyah Magnus, visitor
Sam Adama, visitor
Bodyguard Sean, visitor

Backtalk with Baxter Sarno is a late-night television program starring host, Baxter Sarno. He delivers a monologue, in which he jokes about current events. Later he interviews guests. Over half of college-aged viewers claim they get their news from Sarno. ("Reins of a Waterfall").

Graystone Interview

At the urging of Cyrus Xander and Graystone Industries' public relations manager, Priyah Magnus, Daniel Graystone appears on Backtalk in an effort to promote a good public relations image for Graystone Industries after his wife revealed that their daughter was the terrorist who blew up the MAGLEV train. He suffers in the interview. Amanda Graystone catches up with them in time to hear Daniel say that Zoe was “troubled,” a description he wanted to avoid. Sarno accuses Daniel of creating a lawless environment that drove Zoe to blow up a train. Backstage, Amanda reaches a tipping point and strides out onto the stage. ("Rebirth") ("Reins of a Waterfall") ("Gravedancing")

Watching the Backtalk Graystone interview at The Dive

Onstage, she and Daniel renew their defense of Zoe, saying that she was not inherently a bad person, rather an angry young woman who saw the horrible, moral lawlessness of the holoband. Because of that, the Soldiers of the One got to her. Sarno demands to know how Daniel knows this. Daniel confesses that he created an avatar of Zoe, much to Sarno's and Amanda’s shock.

Continuing his reconciliation attempts, Daniel says the V-World might be to blame, since they thought they could control the content and were obviously wrong. Sarno pushes Daniel to consider a resolution. Daniel decides, on the spot, that Graystone Industries will no longer profit off of the V-World or holoband technologies. Amanda discusses setting up a foundation to help children adversely affected by their experiences in the V-World. All proceeds from the sale of holobands will fund this organization. The interview is turned around successfully and Sarno applauds Amanda on her save.

A Caprican family at home

Backstage, an irate Cyrus says that is “sixty percent of our net” while Priyah Magnus contends that it is “great PR.” Citizens all across Caprica City watch the Graystone interview. ("Gravedancing")

Vergis Interview

Tomas Vergis appears on the talk show to curry favor with Caprican audiences. He dismisses the rivalry between him and Daniel Graystone, then insults Daniel as a maker of holoband "toys."

He expresses his sympathy for Daniel and Amanda Graystone and for everyone who suffered in that senseless tragedy. Then he says, "It's a funny thing, tragedy. It makes you realize where your heart belongs. I was educated on Caprica. You know that. And I have a couple of homes here. I started to think about where I belong, and how I felt inside. And we're all Capricans. I may as well make it official. I'm gonna get my citizenship."

The audience applauds and Sarno says, "Caprica loves you, Tomas Vergis."

Daniel is watching the interview from home and calls Vergis a "cagey genius." He knows what Vergis is planning. ("Know Thy Enemy")

The Shape of Things to Come

Sarno interviews Daniel in his home in 47YR

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In the DVD commentary, Ronald D. Moore says Backtalk is modeled after the The Dick Cavett Show. [1]


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