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115 Sinny's Bartender
Biographical Information
Name Unknown
Origin Virtual World
Occupation Gamer - Bartender
Status Living
Owner Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer Diego Diablo Del Mar
Episode "The Dirteaters"

The Bartender works at "Sinny McNutt's Slash and Cut Den of Iniquity" in New Cap City.  

The Avenging Angels (Tamara and Zoe) regularly show up here to challenge the gamers in their efforts to "clean up" the sin of New Cap City. Whenever the Angels show up, the Bartender makes a big show of it.

One night, Nestor and Olaf Willow come to try their luck at killing the Avenging Angels. Nestor disbelieves that Zoe is really the Zoe Graystone avatar. He thinks the avatar is a cheap knock off. The Angels pull guns on them. Nestor says that is against rules - no packing heat at Sinny's. (Nestor and Olaf have swords.) Zoe says it is New Cap City where there are no rules. Tamara and Zoe shoot them, de-rezzing their avatars, permanently ejecting them from the game.

Later, Daniel Graystone goes to Sinny's to speak with the bartender. Daniel is trying to find Zoe.

Bartender: "Oh, yeah, they've been hitting this area of New Cap. These days, much of my clientele are here to kill them or be killed by them. Either way you're famous, right?"

Zoe and Tamara show up, but as soon as Zoe sees her father, she dashes out the door to avoid him. Daniel tries to follow, but the bartender says there is a line.