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112 Butcher Knife Player
Butcher Knife Player
Biographical Information
Name Unknown
Origin Virtual World
Occupation Gamer
Family Father (mentioned)
Status Living
Owner Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer Luke Welland
Episode "Things We Lock Away"

The Butcher Knife Player is an avatar in New Cap City whose father died in the MAGLEV bombing.

In New Cap City, Zoe inadvertently walks into a fight game in Atlas Arena. Tamara, who is now called the Death Walker, calls gamers into the arena who lost loved ones in the MAGLEV bombing. They are going to avenge the deaths of their loved ones by attacking Zoe over and over again. Tamara knows Zoe cannot die, but she can suffer and feel pain. In doing this, Tamara is also avenging the deaths of her mother and herself.

The Butcher Knife Player avenges the death of his father. He knows it will not bring him back, but he says it might feel pretty good.