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106 Byun
Biographical Information
Name Byun
Origin Virtual World
Occupation Gamer
Status Living
Owner Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer Eve Harlow
Episode "There Is Another Sky"

Byun is an avatar in the V-Club who controls access to Vesta. She is dismissive of Tamara.

After Vesta's failed attempt to de-rez and eject Tamara from the game, Byun is amazed to see Tamara's wounds heal. She has never seen that happen in V-World.

She is part of the plan to use Tamara to capture Chiron's New Cap City points. After the heist is completed, Heracles and Tamara return to Chiron's club into which Vesta has installed herself. Vesta tells Tamara she cannot go home after all because she is dead in the real world. Byun makes a snide remark about Tamara.

Tamara will not let Vesta use her for any more games. She shoots and de-rezzes everyone except Heracles. Byun de-rezzes and is banned from New Cap City forever. ("There Is Another Sky")