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103 Caesar the Dog
Caesar the Dog
Biographical Information
Name Caesar
Origin Caprica
Residence Graystone mansion near Caprica City
Occupation Companion Animal
Status Living
Relationship Information
Family Zoe Graystone
Amanda Graystone
Daniel Graystone
Character Information
Portrayer Hannah
First Episode "Rebirth"
Last Episode "Ghosts in the Machine"
Episode Count 3
Cultural References Caesar (name)
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Caesar the Dog is the Graystone family pet.

He senses the Zoe avatar inside the U-87 robot. ("Rebirth")

Later, despite Zoe's attempts to discourage him, Caesar keeps trying to play fetch with the robot. Daniel notices this and realizes his daughter is still inside the U-87. ("The Imperfections of Memory")

After Daniel suspects that Zoe is hiding inside the U-87, he tests her in an attempt to reveal herself. He places a loaded gun in the U-87's hand and orders it to shoot Caesar. To prove that she is inside the robot, Zoe should refrain from shooting the dog. Otherwise the robot is programmed to follow Daniel's orders. Zoe does not want her father to know she is in the robot, so she masters her revulsion and carries out the orders. Frustrated and tearful, Daniel cedes the game, and reveals that the gun was loaded with blanks. ("Ghosts in the Machine")

Cultural References[]