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Camille Atebe
Camille Atebe
Portrayed Phoebe
Biographical Information
Birthdate Unknown
Birthplace British Columbia, Canada

Camille Atebe portrayed Phoebe, a teacher who is one of the wives in the Willow group marriage, in the episode, "False Labor".


Born in British Columbia, Canada, Camille Atebe is an actor and writer based near Vancouver. An award-winning performance poet from a young age, Camille was enthralled by public performance and sought larger and larger audiences as time went on. From small theatres in Calgary she moved on to do stand-up comedy and modeling in Dublin, Ireland, then returned home to British Columbia where she began to work both on stage and in film and television. With credits ranging from commercials to recurring roles on Caprica; Whistler; and Emily Owens, M.D., as well as appearing in various locally-shot shows such as Motive and Rogue, and with over a dozen of her plays having been produced to date, Camille keeps busy on stage and screen.[1]

Updated on February 18, 2022

Crossover Credits[]

Atebe played Sarah Ryan in the Battlestar Galactica episode, Maelstrom (2007).[2]


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