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Canceron BSG Plan
General Information
Known as The Largest Democracy
Ancient Name Cancer
Location Helios Delta star system
Societal Information
Population 6.7 billion
Capital Hades
Major Cities Hades, Psammos, Mangala
Government Constitutional Democracy
Patron God Hephaestus
Attractions Psammos, Ruby Range, Kor Yaz Glacier
Pyramid Teams Canceron Hydras, Hades Vice, Mangala Krill
Series Connections
Characters Lexon

Canceron is a planet in the Cyrannus Star System, orbiting the Helios Delta star. Cancer is the ancient name of the colony, which was named after one of the Twelve Tribes of Kobol.

STO cadet Lexon (also known as Dex) is from Canceron. ("Blowback")


Located at Hestia's L5 point, Canceron is the most populous of the Twelve Colonies with eighty-eight states represented in its planetary congress. (Canceron has proudly maintained its status as a constitutional democracy for more than one-thousand years.) The world is known for the wealth and diversity of its people. Canceron's cities and resorts offer something for everyone: sunny southern beaches, snow-capped northern mountains and of course the legendary casinos of Psammos. Canceron is also blessed with farmland that is among the most fertile in the colonies, as well as rich mineral deposits. [1]


Cultural References[]


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