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Wiki Caprica
118 Caprica Planet
Caprica (planet)
General Information
Known as Melting Pot of the Colonies
Ancient Name Capricorn
Location Helios Alpha star system
Societal Information
Population 4.9 billion
Capital Caprica City
Major Cities Caprica City, Delphi, Phoebus
Officials Office of the Prime Minister
Val Chambers (Minister of Defense)
Joan Leyte (Secretary of Defense)
Sasha Patel (Colonel, Department of Military Procurement; Minister of Defense)
Gara Singh (Director, Global Defense Department, Caprica City Bureau)
Official Language Caprican[1]
Patron God Apollo
Attractions Atlas Arena, Trojan Spaceport, Apollo University, Orpheus Park, Pantheon Bridge, Government Sector, Caprica City Museum of Contemporary Art, Ionian Islands
Pyramid Teams Caprica Buccaneers, Delphi Legion, Phoebus Suns
National Anthem "Caprica Abides"
Series Connections
Significance Main setting for the Caprica series

Caprica is a planet in the Cyrannus Star System, orbiting the Helios Alpha star. Capricorn is the ancient name of the colony, which was named after one of the Twelve Tribes of Kobol.


The lush and beautiful world of Caprica was largely undeveloped for centuries, but it is now the undisputed center of colonial politics, culture, art and education. Its oceanfront capital, Caprica City, is an architectural marvel that is home to more than seven million residents. Caprica is also known as the melting pot of the colonies with thousands of immigrants and visitors arriving around the clock from every corner of the Four Systems. [2]


Gemenon in Caprican Sky

View of Gemenon from Caprica City

The Twelve Colonies are located in the Cyrannus Star System. Caprica is in the third orbit around the Helios Alpha star and shares its orbit with the planet Gemenon. They revolve around their common barycenter, or center-of-gravity, with an orbital period of 28.2 days. The distance between Caprica and Gemenon is four-hundred and ninety-three thousand kilometers. [3]

Caprica's other planetary neighbors in the system are the colonies Picon and Tauron. [3]


Caprica was not always the preeminent colony in the Twelve Worlds. Virgon was the birthplace of colonial language and culture; and its capital, Boskirk, was the first city of the colonies for nearly a thousand years. However, a long and costly war between Virgon and its neighbor Leonis led to the Virgon Empire's gradual decline and paved the way for the rise of Caprica. [3]



102 Graystone Industries

Graystone Industries Headquarters

Graystone Industries headquarters is located in Caprica City. The technology firm specializes in commercial and military grade technology, including the U-87 robot called a Cylon. The holobands and Virtual World are some of their well-known and most popular products, holobands accounting for sixty percent of their sales. ("Pilot") ("Gravedancing")

MicroCap is the technology firm that originally produced the holoband. ("There Is Another Sky")



109 Athena Academy

Athena Academy

Athena Academy is located in Caprica City. It is a private, religious secondary school. The academy is named for their patroness, the goddess Athena. Although officially polytheistic, the school is open to all forms of worship, including the belief in a singular god. ("Pilot")

The small, coastal community of Qualai is home to Qualai University. They have degree programs in many fields including Mathematics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Sciences, and Physics. ("Know Thy Enemy")

Caprica City Night

Caprica City at Night

Apollo University is located in Caprica City. It is the alma mater of the CEO of Graystone Industries, Daniel Graystone. Graystone donated one billion cubits to the alumni fund resulting in the naming of the new Computer Sciences building after his daughter, Zoe Graystone. ("Pilot")

Social Issues[]

Drugs were recently legalized on Caprica. This was primarily enacted to take away the profit motive. According to Baxter Sarno, legalization took decades of some pretty violent arguing back and forth. Drugs like Purple are now legal and can be consumed at drug dens like Dive. ("Gravedancing") ("Rebirth")


Capa is a nickname for, or a possible slur against, Capricans. ("The Dirteaters")

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The national anthem "Caprica Abides" was composed by Bear McCreary to lyrics by Jane Espenson. It features tenor Mark Donnelly on vocals. Steve Amerson performs the song on the CD soundtrack. [4] It is sung at Caprica Buccaneers pyramid games before tip off. ("Rebirth") ("Apotheosis")

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