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101 Caprica General Hospital
Caprica General Hospital
Type Hospital
Location Caprica City
Debut "Pilot"
Significance Amanda Graystone's place of employment
Characters Amanda Graystone
Jordan Duram
Reporter No 1
Reporter No 2
Angry Woman
Cultural References Capricorn

Caprica General Hospital is a medical facility in Caprica City where Amanda Graystone works as a plastic surgeon.

Jordan Duram visits Amanda here in the aftermath of the MAGLEV bombing to question her about her daughter, Zoe Graystone. He gives Amanda the e-sheet Zoe sent to her right before the train exploded. Duram tells her he believes Zoe was one of the STO terrorists. Amanda is upset by this news and tells him to leave. ("Pilot")

103 Reporter No 1

A CAP News reporter covers the story of Amanda Graystone's resignation from the hospital.

After her public announcement that her daughter was the terrorist who caused the MAGLEV bombing, Dr. Graystone resigns in the face of intensifying media and public scrutiny. As she leaves the hospital she is hounded by reporters and cameras. There is a loud protest outside the hospital. One of the protesters assaults her with a glass bottle. Some glass shards hit her forehead and she is slightly injured. ("Rebirth") ("Reins of a Waterfall")

Behind the Scenes[]

The exterior of Caprica General Hospital was filmed at the Koerner Library at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.[1]

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