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Wiki Caprica
101 Courthouse
Caprica Justice Department
Type Judicial system of Caprica City or the planet of Caprica
Location Caprica (planet)
Debut "Pilot"
Significance Ha'la'tha bribes judges
Characters Judge Maximus
Cultural References Capricorn

The Caprica Justice Department is responsible for the judicial system in Caprica City or Caprica. The Caprica City Police is a branch of the Justice Department, and is responsible for law enforcement in the city.

The Caprica Justice Department may be affiliated, or work in tandem, with the Global Defense Department.

The Ha'la'tha bribes judges to rule in their favor. Joseph Adama blinks his eyes as a signal to the Judge to not deny bail for his Defendant. After the hearing, Sam Adama delivers ten thousand cubits for the bail and twenty thousand cubits for the judge on behalf of the Guatrau. ("Pilot")

Evelyn dropped off a payment to Judge Maximus on behalf of Joseph and the Ha'la'tha to get a favorable ruling for Plexico Amacord. Maximus became angry because Joseph assumed he would automatically comply, instead asking for the "favor". ("Reins of a Waterfall")

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