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118 Caprica Police
Caprica Police
Biographical Information
Name Unknown
Origin Unknown
Residence Caprica
Occupation Law Enforcement
Status Living
Character Information
Portrayer Kelvin Lum
Episode "Apotheosis"
Cultural References Capricorn

Officers from the Caprica City Police struggle to get into the locked control room at Atlas Arena where Daniel and Amanda Graystone are engaged in stopping the STO terrorist bombing. Daniel is sending the Cylons into the arena to stop it. Gara Singh had put out a false story that the Graystones are the terrorists responsible for the MAGLEV bombing.

The police finally break through the door and a policeman tells the Graystones to put their hands up. By this time the Cylons have nearly completed their mission. Soon the robots are successful and disaster is averted.


Although the credit Caprica Police implies more than one person, it is only one character portrayed by Kelvin Lum. The other policemen are background artists with no dialogue.

Cultural References[]