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105 Chiron
Biographical Information
Name Chiron
Nickname The Horse
Origin Virtual World
Occupation Gamer
Status Living
Owner Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer A. C. Peterson
Episode "There Is Another Sky"
Cultural References Chiron the Centaur
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Chiron (nicknamed "The Horse") is the best player of New Cap City. His favorite hangout is a nightclub on the Lower East Side. He holds court in the back, flirting with pretty young women and a handsome young man.

Vesta (a V-Club hacker) makes a deal with Tamara. She will help Tamara get out of the Virtual World if Tamara will join Heracles to pull off a heist of Chiron's game points.

Heracles and Tamara travel to New Cap City and find Chiron at his club. Tamara distracts him and his guards by posing as a jilted girlfriend. She creates a distraction and gets shot. Everyone is amazed that she does not de-rez. With their attention diverted, Heracles uses a device to capture a digital copy of Chiron's avatar. He then extracts her from the club and takes her back to their hotel room. He demonstrates his new ability to shift between his own avatar and Chiron's.

After Heracles and Tamara use the stolen avatar to access Chiron's in-game bank account, the two return to see Vesta, who has taken over Chiron's club. ("There Is Another Sky")

It is unknown what happened to Chiron, but it is implied that he was dethroned.

Cultural References[]

Chiron's nickname is "The Horse". This is a reference to the centaur in Ancient Greek Religion. Centaurs are creatures which are half-human and half-horse.

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