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105 Chiron's Bank Guard
Chiron's Bank Guard
Biographical Information
Name Unknown
Origin New Cap City
Occupation Virtual Game Security Program
Status Deceased
Owner N/A
Character Information
Portrayer Jim Ralph
Episode "There Is Another Sky"
Cultural References Chiron the Centaur

Chiron's Bank Guard is one of several avatars guarding the vault where Chiron stores his points in the New Cap City game. When Heracles, disguised as Chiron's avatar, dismisses all the guards, this guard has to be told twice to leave his post.

Heracles describes the bank guard avatars as "pure code" -- meaning they do not have real world counterparts and are only part of the game.

After Heracles opens the vault and the gold coins spiral upwards, Chiron's Bank Guard and another guard appear with guns. Tamara sees them and pushes Heracles down to the floor. She faces the guards and they shoot her. Then she clinches her fist and the guards disappear. She falls into Heracles' arms, wounded and crying. ("There Is Another Sky")


Deceased in this case means defunct. When Tamara made him disappear, she changed the code of the game, rewriting it so that he no longer exists.

Cultural References[]

Chiron the Centaur