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Chiron Centaur
Chiron the Centaur
Name Chiron
Other Names Cheiron (variant)
Debut There Is Another Sky
Significance Chiron (avatar)
Chiron's Bank Guard
Photo Earth fresco of Chiron teaching Achilles how to play the lyre.[1]

The most famous centaur was Chiron (or Cheiron), known for his great wisdom. He was also the tutor of the god of medicine, Asklepios, and the heroes Hercules, Achilles and Jason (and his son, Medeus).

Chiron was the son of Philyra (daughter of the Titan, Oceanus). He was married to the nymph, Chariklo. He lived in the forests of Mount Pelion.

He is most commonly represented wearing a short tunic (chitoniskos) and a cloak and often carrying a branch over his shoulder from which hang hunted animals such as foxes and hares.[2]


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