118 Cylon Hero Statue

Statue commemorating the Cylon victory over the terrorists at Atlas Arena

Cylon is an acronym for Cybernetic Life-form Node. Graystone Industries designed and produces the combat robots for a Caprican military contract.

The first prototypes lack adequate artificial intelligence for combat, but with the installation of the meta-cognitive processor in a U-87, along with data from Zoe Graystone's sentient avatar, one prototype excels at this function. ("Pilot")

After the successful elimination of the STO terrorist threat at Atlas Arena, Cylons become widely used, especially in low-qualified professions. Cylons are still considered things, but from the Cylon perspective, they are treated as slaves. Most of the Cylons convert to Monotheism - in the extreme form of the STO. ("Apotheosis")

These circumstances lead to the First Cylon War and to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. (Battlestar Galactica: Miniseries)