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For the vision of Darius, which Amanda sees after Zoe's death, see Darius (vision).
108 Young Amanda and Young Darius
Biographical Information
Name Darius
Nickname Dari
Origin Caprica
Occupation Unknown
Religion Polytheism
Status Deceased
Relationship Information
Family Amanda Graystone (sister)
Relatives Daniel Graystone (brother-in-law)
Zoe Graystone (niece)
Character Information
Portrayer Johnson Gray
First Episode "The Imperfections of Memory"
Last Episode "End of Line"
Episode Count 3
Cultural References King Darius
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Darius (Dari) was Amanda Graystone's brother.

When they were young adults, Darius and Amanda were involved in a car crash on a bridge in the forest. Darius was killed in the accident.

Three years after his death, Amanda started losing her grip on reality and was admitted into Delphi Convalescent Institute, a mental health hospital. She had hallucinations of him and chased "him" down hallways.

Cultural References

108 Young Amanda Darius