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111 Weatherman
Name Days of the Week
Debut "Rebirth"
Significance Saturday lunch at Clarice Willow's house
Caprican Week
Gemenese Week
Photo CAP News Weatherman delivers the weekly forecast for Caprica City.

Days in Caprica are based on real-world days and have the same names as those in English speaking countries, unlike some of the months, which are called by their ancient Roman names. Presumably they are used only on Caprica and Gemenon since the number of days and months will vary on other planets and moons depending on their orbits and rotation cycles.

Days are named after real-world deities and thus their Colonial counterparts, the Lords of Kobol.


  • Sunday is named for Helios, the God of the Sun in the Ancient Greek religion, hence "Sun Day".[1]
  • Monday is named for Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon, hence "Moon Day".
  • Tuesday is named for Týr, the Norse god of the formalities of war. Týr came to be identified by the Romans with their own Mars, hence dies Marti (Mars’ Day) came to be rendered Týsdagr (Tuesday).[2]
  • Wednesday is named for Odin, the preeminent God in the Norse pantheon. Wednesday is derived from a variant of his name, "Woden's Day".[3]
  • Thursday is named for Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. The modern English word for the fifth day of the week, Thursday, alludes to “Thor’s Day”.[4]
  • Friday is named for the Norse goddess, Frigg.
  • Saturday is named for Saturn, an agricultural god in the Ancient Roman pantheon.[5]

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