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113 Demos
Biographical Information
Name Demos
Origin Tauron
Residence Caprica City
Occupation Ha'la'tha Enforcer
Religion Polytheism
Status Deceased
Character Information
Portrayer Vincent Tong
Episode "False Labor"
Cultural References Deimos (God)

Demos is a Ha'la'tha enforcer who runs guns with Sam Adama. Befitting a man of Tauron, he was named after the Lord of Kobol who is one of the sons of Mars, the patron god of Tauron.

Demos is helping Sam shake small arms off the streets. They are sending them back to Tauron to help their people fight the corrupt government of their homeworld. Unfortunately, they run afoul with Atreus, who controls the gun trade in Caprica City.

Atreus and his men ambush Demos and Sam in an alley.  They kill Demos, but Sam is spared so he can send a message to The Guatrau to stay out of Atreus' gun trade.

The Guatrau tells Sam he must avenge Demos' death alone, since he acted alone without the Guatrau's consent.

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