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107 Dive
Type Drug Den
Location Caprica City
Debut "Rebirth"
Significance Meeting place for Clarice Willow and Amanda Graystone
Characters Clarice Willow
Amanda Graystone

Dive is an establishment in Caprica City which sells intoxicants, and provides a place to consume them. The intoxicants are similar to hashish, and are smoked in a device similar to a hookah. ("Rebirth")


Waylon the bartender speaks briefly with Clarice Willow. Clarice used to patronize the establishment, but that was before Waylon's time. Then she tells him she wants privacy, a smoker and two grams of purple. ("Rebirth")

Patrons and employees watch Backtalk with Baxter Sarno when Daniel and Amanda Graystone appear on the program. ("Gravedancing")

104 Dive Watching Sarno

Patrons and employees watch the Backtalk Graystone interview.

Amanda and Clarice spend an evening there smoking purple. Amanda tells Clarice that she literally lost her mind after her brother, Darius, died in a car crash. Amanda survived the crash and has survivor's guilt. She regrets leaving some things unsaid. Amanda says surviving is her punishment. Clarice tells her to trust in God and Amanda asks her, "Which god?" ("The Imperfections of Memory")

Social History[]

Drugs were recently legalized on Caprica. This was primarily enacted to take away the profit motive. According to Baxter Sarno, legalization took decades of some pretty violent arguing back and forth. Drugs like purple are now legal and can be consumed at drug dens like Dive. ("Gravedancing")