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Drew Tanner
Biographical Information
Name Drew Tanner
Origin Unknown
Residence Caprica
Occupation Robotics Technician at Graystone Industries
Status Living
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer James Pizzinato
First Episode "Rebirth"
Last Episode "Apotheosis"
Episode Count 3
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Drew Tanner is a robotics technician employed by Graystone Industries. He holds a Ph.D.

He treats the U-87 robot roughly, oblivious to the fact that Zoe's avatar is inside. When attempting to repair the robot, Zoe instinctively bites off the tip of his finger. ("Rebirth")

Drew scoffs at Philo's anthropomorphizing of the robot as a "she." ("Rebirth")

Philo admits to Drew that Rachel, the woman he is dating in the Virtual World, has an avatar that looks like Zoe Graystone (unbeknownst to him, it really is Zoe). Drew finds this to be incredibly odd. ("End of Line")

Daniel and Amanda Graystone find him before the Caprica Buccaneers versus Delphi Legion pyramid game. They convince him to go to Daniel's lab at Graystone Industries to get a computer which Daniel can use to thwart the Soldiers of the One's bombing of Atlas Arena. ("Apotheosis")