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Clarice sends a message to Keon that the GDD will be raiding Athena Academy.




Electronic mailing device
Access entry to the Virtual World
Watch a video


Zoe Graystone
Amanda Graystone
Jordan Duram
Lacy Rand
Keon Gatwick
Clarice Willow

An E-sheet (computer sheet) appears to be a piece of paper, but it has a digital interface which is touch-sensitive, and is networked. Users are capable of sending electronic communications with their e-sheets. ("Pilot")

An e-sheet has other uses. It can be used to access V-World via a password. An e-sheet can also be used to watch an online video. ("Pilot") ("Rebirth")


Zoe watches Amanda's announcement at the MAGLEV Bombing Memorial Event on an e-sheet. ("Rebirth")

Zoe Graystone sends an email to her mother via e-sheet just before Train 23 is destroyed. ("Pilot")

Sister Clarice Willow steals an e-sheet from a person on the street, allowing her to compose an email anonymously. This suggests that emails track back to individual e-sheets, and from there, their owners. ("Gravedancing")

Behind the Scenes

The e-sheets used regularly in the series were created by using a version of the same motion-capture technology used to base CGI characters on the movements of real actors. In this case, a sheet of paper covered with a grid of dots was used by the actors. CGI was then able to superimpose the "computer" image onto the paper, even allowing the image to bend and move like real paper when touched, because a real piece of paper was the basis for the model. This was particularly effective in the "Pilot", when Agent Jordan Duram gave a "folded" paper screen to Amanda Graystone.[1]


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