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Goldie's Off Track Betting
Type Betting Establishment
Location Little Tauron
Debut "Reins of a Waterfall"
Significance De facto Ha'la'tha Headquarters
Characters Sam Adama
William Adama
Joseph Adama
Fidelia Fazekas
Armed Goon No. 2
Daniel Graystone

Goldie's Off Track Betting is a betting establishment frequented by members of the Ha'la'tha and their associates. It is located in Little Tauron. Sam Adama thinks of Goldie's as his place. ("Reins of a Waterfall") ("Here Be Dragons")

Ha'la'tha Life[]

In an attempt to establish some tough guy cred, William Adama takes up delivering food there instead of attending classes. Francis and Paulie give him a hard time. ("Reins of a Waterfall")

103 Francis William

William brings breakfast to Francis and the others at Goldie's.

Ha'la'tha members drink Lethe beer and play triad while watching Backtalk with Baxter Sarno when Daniel and Amanda Graystone appear on the show. ("Gravedancing")

The Guatrau's daughter, Fidelia Fazekas, is released from prison on probation. She goes to Goldie's and runs into Sam. They greet warmly and he tells her about the deaths of Shannon and Tamara. He says he and others took her conviction hard, especially Yoseef. ("The Heavens Will Rise")

116 Fidelia Fazekas

Fidelia greets Sam.

Sam and Joseph Adama receive Ha'la'tha promotions here. Sam is promoted to captain to become a leader of men. Joseph is officially inducted into the Ha'la'tha for his service to the Guatrau for representing his interests at Graystone Industries. ("The Dirteaters")

Dave Oneris teaches William how to play triad at Goldie's and Willie quickly learns how to cheat. ("Apotheosis")

Tragedy and Consequences[]

117 Willie's Death

William dies in Joseph's arms.

After Joseph realizes that the Guatrau has put out a hit on him and Sam, he goes to Goldie's and Sam meets him there. They get their fake identification and cubits so they and their families can disappear off-world. The Guatrau's hit men catch up with them there. William gets caught in the altercation and is accidentally killed. ("Here Be Dragons")

The next day, Joseph tells Fidelia he wants a sit-down with the Guatrau. She agrees, but says they will need assurances. He says of course, but he wants something in return. At Goldie's, Fidelia convinces her father to meet with Joseph in a virtual Goldie's. Meeting in the Virtual World will give the Guatrau the advantage of protection from any reprisals.

118 Adama Brothers Kill Guatrau

Joseph and Sam kill the Guatrau to avenge Willie's death.

There, Joseph tells the Guatrau that he has been putting business ahead of family and those are the wrong decisions. The Guatrau cautions him, but then he struggles for air. In the real world, Sam has put a plastic bag over his head and has him in a headlock. Joseph takes the kapi poison out of his pocket and shoves it down the Guatrau's throat, killing him. Fidelia has offered up her father as a sacrificial lamb to give the Adamas their Blood for Blood retribution. Fidelia becomes the new Guatrau. ("Apotheosis")

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Behind the Scenes[]


In the commentary for the episode "The Dirteaters", Sasha Roiz, who played Sam Adama, said that the production team did such an excellent job restoring the building to look like a betting establishment that someone actually came in trying to place a bet.[1]

Filming Location[]

Goldie's Off Track Betting was filmed at an actual location in Vancouver's Chinatown neighborhood at the corner of Gore Avenue and Powell Street, a few blocks south of the Little Tauron street exteriors seen in "Rebirth".[2]


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