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Type Crime Syndicate
Location Tauron, Caprica, Leonis
Debut "Pilot"
Significance Tauron resistance fighters turned crime syndicate
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The Ha'la'tha is a crime syndicate which has a presence on Caprica. Ha'la'tha is a Tauron word which means "always faithful to the soil". The Guatrau is the boss of the Caprican Ha'la'tha. ("False Labor") ("Pilot")


The Ha'la'tha began as a poorly armed, native rebel force on Tauron that attacked the presidential barracks of the corrupt Tauron government. This initiated a two-year Civil War (12YR-14YR). William Adama Sr. and his wife, Isabelle, fought with the Ha'la'tha resistance during this time. ("The Dirteaters")

After the war and facing extinction, the Ha'la'tha transformed to become an illegal underground organization throughout the Twelve Colonies. ("The Dirteaters")


104 Watching Sarno Goldie's Triad

Playing triad at Goldie's while watching the Graystone interview on Backtalk

Taurons seem to constitute most of the Ha'la'tha membership. Like many other Tauron immigrants in Caprica City, they do not assimilate with Caprican culture. Instead, they formed a diaspora in the Little Tauron neighborhood of Caprica City. ("Rebirth") ("The Dirteaters")

Members frequently hang out at Goldie's Off Track Betting which is located in Little Tauron. ("Rebirth") ("Reins of a Waterfall")

Ha'la'tha Proverb: "When the tree surrenders all its fruit, it's time to trim from the top down."("The Dirteaters")


110 Guatrau Daniel Deal

Daniel makes a deal with the Guatrau.

The Guatrau's shell company, Obolus Inc., is located on Leonis.

In an effort to secure funding for his development of the Resurrection Program and to oust Tomas Vergis as CEO of his company, Daniel Graystone makes a deal with the Guatrau. This makes Graystone Industries a subsidiary of Obolus. ("The Dirteaters") ("Unvanquished")


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Production Notes[]

In an interview with, Sasha Roiz (who plays Ha'la'tha enforcer, Sam Adama) compares the Ha'la'tha with the mafia of our world.

AfterElton: ". . . The Mafia is basically an organization for extortion and making money, whereas the Halatha, as you just described it, is more like, 'We’re downright discriminated against so we’re going to do whatever we can."

Sasha Roiz: "I think it’s not really reminiscent of that modern day mob. It’s more like the turn-of-the-century mob. The early Twentieth Century when Italians, Irish, Jews all came over and had very limited opportunities. They were ghettoized and forced to create a life and survive any way they could. In response to being ghettoized and discriminated against, they found their own ways and their own rules." [2]

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