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111 Helen Gast
Helen Gast
Biographical Information
Name Helen Gast
Origin Unknown
Residence Caprica
Occupation Unknown
Spouse Cornell Gast
Children Mentioned
Status Living
Character Information
Portrayer Maya Massar
Episode "Retribution"
Cultural References Helen of Troy

Helen Gast is Cornell Gast's wife.

Daniel Graystone attempts to blackmail Cornell to gain his vote to oust Tomas Vergis from Graystone Industries and return Daniel to power as President and CEO. Otherwise Daniel will tell Helen and their children about illegal activities in Cornell's past. Cornell refuses.

Later that night in his car, Cornell puts his wedding ring and a note in an envelope marked "Helen." He then puts a pistol to his head and commits suicide.

The next day, Helen accosts Daniel as his car is pulling out of a parking garage. She bangs on his car windows demanding he tell her why Cornell killed himself. She asks what will she tell their children. She says he knows why. She calls Daniel a murderer. Daniel tells his chauffeur to drive on and keep going.

Cultural References[]