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Helios Beta
Helios Beta
Type Star
Location Cyrannus Star System
Debut "Reins of a Waterfall"
Significance Home of the Colonies of Leonis and Virgon
Cultural References Helios

Helios Beta is one of four stars in the Cyrannus Star System. It has a spectral class of K1V and a mass of 0.79. Beta shares its baricenter with Helios Alpha and completes one orbit with Alpha every three-hundred and seventy-three years.


Helios Beta is home to the colonies of Virgon and Leonis. There are three other planets in the system:

  • Troy - In the first orbit, Troy is a metal-rich planet mined by Virgon and Leonis for centuries.
  • Pallas - Pallas is second closest to the star in an inclined orbit.
  • Hera - A gas giant in the fifth and last orbit, Hera is the third largest planet in the star system after Zeus and Ragnar.



The distinctive urban architecture of Virgon

Helios Alpha may have been the first system settled by the ancient Colonials two-thousand years ago, but for many centuries, Helios Beta was the intellectual and commercial heart of the colonies. The great empires controlled by the rival worlds Virgon and Leonis spread throughout the Four Systems, and introduced many of the technologies, traditions and cultural values that the Colonials enjoy today.

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