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106 Heracles
Biographical Information
Name Heracles
Origin Virtual World
Occupation Gamer
Status Living
Owner Tad Thorean
Character Information
Portrayer Richard Harmon
First Episode "There Is Another Sky"
Last Episode "The Imperfections of Memory"
Episode Count 2
Cultural References Heracles (Demi-God)
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Heracles is a V-World avatar who controls access to Vesta. He chose the name of Zeus' half-god son for his avatar.

The Heist[]

Heracles works for Vesta in the V-Club. Tamara approaches him and Byun claiming she cannot wake herself up from the game. He takes her to Vesta, who offers her a deal. If Tamara helps Vesta pull off a heist in New Cap City, Vesta will try to find a way to awaken her in the real world.

105 Chiron's Club Heracles Tamara

Heracles and Tamara plan the heist

Heracles and Tamara travel to the game to "steal" the avatar of a high-ranking gamer named Chiron. They find Chiron at a speakeasy where Tamara distracts him and his guards by posing as a jilted girlfriend. She creates a distraction and gets shot. Everyone is amazed that she does not de-rez. With their attention diverted, Heracles takes a digital copy of Chiron's avatar. He then extracts her from the club and takes her back to their hotel room. He demonstrates his new ability to shift between his own avatar and Chiron's.

They visit the bank where Chiron keeps a vault and after dismissing the guards, Heracles instructs Tamara to enter a code which Vesta found inscribed on manhole covers around the city.

105 Heracles Tamara Vault Coins

Heracles steals Chiron's New Cap City game credits.

Heracles proceeds to collect as much of Chiron's money as possible before the bank alarm sounds and two guards rush into the vault. Tamara pushes him to the floor just as the guards open fire and she is hit with several rounds. She summons her will to alter the code of the game, forcibly de-rezzing the guards before she collapses.

After the robbery, they learn that Vesta cannot return Tamara because she is dead in the real world. He and Tamara do not believe her. Vesta intends to continue using her as a pawn in the game. Tamara takes Heracles' weapons and kills everyone in the room except Vesta, then instructs Heracles to return to the real world and tell her father that she is trapped in V-World.

105 Tad Thorean

Tad Thorean

He takes off his holoband and becomes his real world self - Tad Thorean. Tad visits Joseph Adama just after the funeral rites for Tamara and her mother have concluded. He begs Joseph to wake her up, but her father says that she is dead. Joseph is surprised that she is still alive in V-World and demands to know where she is, but Tad flees. Joseph gives chase, but cannot keep up the pace and Tad gets away. ("There Is Another Sky")

Searching for Tamara[]

While at work at the grocery store, Tad's boss tells him to clear out a loiterer, who turns out to be Joseph Adama. Joseph confronts Tad and makes him help find his daughter. He has two holobands.

Heracles and Joseph visit the V-World. Heracles explains the rules of New Cap City, "If she is not there, she will be nearly impossible to find. If you die in New Cap City, you cannot ever come back." The two enter the door and appear to be in a manhole when an explosion occurs on the surface. Fortunately neither one of them is killed and they continue.

Heracles and Joseph emerge from an underground tunnel and Joseph struggles to keep up. When a missile strikes a nearby taxi cab and destroys it, Joseph asks if they can fly. Tad humors him then says that New Cap City has the same rules as in real life - no one can fly in a non-fantasy game.

When running from a plane, Joseph indirectly causes Heracles to be shot and de-rezzed, banning him from New Cap City forever. Joseph returns to reality soon afterwards. Tad is devastated and furious. He yells at Joseph, saying he is now on his own to find Tamara. ("The Imperfections of Memory")

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Heracles (Demi-God)