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Hiro Kanagawa
Hiro Kanagawa
Portrayed Cyrus Xander
Biographical Information
Birthdate October 13, 1963
Birthplace Sapporo, Japan

Hiro Kanagawa portrayed Cyrus Xander, Daniel Graystone's executive assistant and chief of staff at Graystone Industries. He appeared in thirteen episodes.


Hiro Kanagawa was born on October 13, 1963, in Sapporo, Japan, and spent his childhood in Canada and the United States. He returned to Japan at age fourteen and attended International Christian University High School in Tokyo where he acted in his first student films and stage productions, and studied classical guitar. He then returned to the United States and studied visual art at Middlebury College, the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, and the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. During this time he was also active in theater and performance art, but was known more as a musician, composer and writer.

Since moving to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1990, Kanagawa has become a well-respected actor in the city and has also established himself as a playwright and screenwriter.[1]

The role of Cyrus Xander was originally written for a "hot twenty something", but Eric Stoltz saw Hiro Kanagawa's audition tape (for another role) and asked that he be cast instead.[2]

Updated August 12, 2019


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