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Name Holoband
Type Virtual World Interface Device
Locations Emptor Electronics
Graystone Industries
Holo Cafe
New Cap City
Virtual World
Debut "Pilot"
Significance Allows a user to access and participate in the V-World.
Characters Joseph Adama
Sam Adama
Obal Ferras
Amanda Graystone
Daniel Graystone
Zoe Graystone
Lacy Rand
Odin Sinclair
Gara Singh
Tad Thorean
Clarice Willow
Nestor Willow
Olaf Willow

A Holoband is a device that allows its user to access and participate in the V-World. A device created by Daniel Graystone, they are apparently easy to hack, thus allowing programmers to set up rooms of illicit activity which are collectively called V-Clubs. Produced by Graystone Industries, sales and licensing of holobands and V-World "rooms" make up sixty percent of Graystone Industries' revenue. ("Pilot") ("There Is Another Sky")

It is dangerous to take off someone else's holoband. The holoband is attached to their brain and removing it in this manner causes pain. ("The Imperfections of Memory") ("Apotheosis") [1]

Spending time on the holoband is called "banding." "Holo-Haters" say banding causes brain damage. ("The Dirteaters")

The holobands are extremely difficult to open from their packaging, sometime requiring a hammer to successfully open the package. ("Know Thy Enemy")


  1. In a deleted scene from "The Imperfections of Memory", Joseph Adama rips off Tad Thorean's holoband causing Tad to scream. Likewise, a GDD agent removes Amanda Graystone's holoband causing her pain. ("Apotheosis")