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103 Joseph's Household Gods Idol
Name Jupiter
Other Names Zeus
Patron God of Sagittaron (as Zeus)
Debut Pilot
Significance Joseph Adama's patron god

Gas Giant (Zeus) in the Helios Alpha system

Photo Joseph Adama's household gods statuette

Jupiter (Zeus) is one of the Lords of Kobol in the Battlestar Galactica universe. In the Ancient Roman religion, he is King of the Gods.

Lord of Kobol[]

Jupiter is the patron god of Sagittaron, known by the name, Zeus.[1] As Leader of the Gods, he has a kinship with Odin, and also with Thor as the God of Thunder.

Jupiter is favored by lawyers because he is the god of order and justice. Because Joseph Adama is a lawyer, Jupiter is the most important god in his home. ("Reins of a Waterfall")

The fifth planet from the sun in New Earth's solar system will be named for him.

Ancient Roman Religion[]


Earth statue of Jupiter [2]

Jupiter was the King of the Gods and the Lord of Heaven.  He was known as Zeus in the Greek pantheon. The Romans attributed to him power over all the changes in the heavens - rain, storms, thunder and lightning.  Jupiter determined the course of all earthly and human affairs: he foresaw the future, and the events happening in it were the results of his will. He revealed the future to man through signs in the heavens and the flight of birds.  Jupiter was the guardian of law and the protector of justice and virtue.  He maintained the sanctity of an oath, and presided over all transactions which were based upon faithfulness and justice.[3]


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