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Kobol Planet
General Information
Known as Birthplace of Humanity
Location Two thousand light years from the Twelve Colonies[1]
Societal Information
Population None
Capital City of the Gods (ruined)
Series Connections
Significance Birthplace of Humanity
Origin of the Twelve Tribes
Origin of the Thirteenth Tribe
Cultural References Kolob

The planet Kobol is the origin point for humanity.


The inhabitants of Kobol were organized into Twelve Tribes. In time, the humans of Kobol created their own sentient artificial life - organic Cylons known as skinjobs. These Cylons become known as the Thirteenth Tribe. In contrast to their polytheist creators, the Cylon tribe worshipped a singular god. (Battlestar Galactica: Sometimes a Great Notion)

The Thirteenth Tribe left Kobol three-thousand years before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies (100YR). A millennium later, the Twelve Tribes left Kobol after a cataclysmic event, the nature of which is now unknown. They traveled two-thousand light years to the Cyrannus Star System and colonized twelve planets.[2]

Kobol Arch

Ruins of the Opera House in the City of the Gods

Prior to the exodus, humans lived on Kobol in peace with the Lords of Kobol. The residents of Kobol prayed to the Gods that befit their need, whether it be Zeus, the King of the gods who lived on Mount Olympus; Athena, the Mother Goddess of Wisdom and War, or others.[3]


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