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The Colony of Justice

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2.1 million

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Supreme Hall of Justice, Themis Arena

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Two thousand years ago the Twelve Tribes left Kobol after a disaster - the nature of which is now unknown. They traveled two thousand light years to the Cyrannus Star System, a system with four stars. The Libra Tribe colonized this tropical planet.


The dense jungles and hot, stormy climate of Libran make it an unlikely candidate for colonization and for centuries it remained a largely uninhabited wilderness preserve. It was therefore surprising to many when the planet was chosen as the home of the Inter-Colonial Court, which tries all cases that fall across colony lines. Its only large city, Themis, hosts several major universities and law schools as well as a state-of-the-art arena, although it has been unable to attract a pyramid franchise. [1]


Libran Flag

The Libran flag

The Twelve Colonies are located in the Cyrannus Star System. Libran is in an inclined orbit of the Helios Gamma star in that system. The colonies Sagittaron and Scorpia also orbit this star. [2]

Important InstitutionsEdit

The seat of the Inter-Colonial Court is located on Libran, which is in the Themis Standard Time Zone. The well known and highly respected Grand Library of Libran is located on this planet. ("Gravedancing") ("Know Thy Enemy")

In the NewsEdit

The Global Defense Department busted a porn ring on Libran in 41YR. ("Blowback")

Cultural ReferencesEdit


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