Little Tauron
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Located in Caprica City
Debut "Rebirth"
Significance Neighborhood in which primarily ethnic Taurons live and work.
Characters Adamas

Little Tauron is an inner city ethnic neighborhood in Caprica City.


neighborhood street

Little Tauron is in an older part of town with architecture from an earlier era - in contrast to the striking steel and glass high-rises of the modern downtown business district. The neighborhood is characterized by many small businesses, markets, betting establishments, a neighborhood park and a Caprica City Police Station. ("Rebirth") ("Reins of a Waterfall")


Little Tauron grocer

Although Taurons are not segregated by Caprican law, many immigrants created a diaspora in this inner-city neighborhood, therefore ethnic Taurons are its primary residents. The Ha'la'tha's primary hangout, Goldie's Off Track Betting, is located here.

Joseph and Sam Adama frequented the neighborhood when they were young. All the Tauron kids did. They hung out at the restaurant, Connie's Place, when they were in high school. Sam would unsuccessfully hit on the guys and Joseph would get dates with their sisters. Sam takes Willie there to teach him about Tauron heritage and to introduce him to the ways of the Ha'la'tha. Joseph and his family live in Little Tauron in a high-rise at 615 Olympic Street, No. 3. ("Rebirth") ("Gravedancing") ("There Is Another Sky")

local business

Atreus and his gang run guns in Little Tauron. ("False Labor")

Non Taurons

Tad Thorean works in a grocery store in Little Tauron. Louie is his boss. ("There Is Another Sky") ("The Imperfections of Memory")


Adama Family

Sam teaches Willie about their Tauron heritage.

The Ha'la'tha

Other Taurons

Atreus and Gang

Non Taurons

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Behind the Scenes

Filming Location

Little Tauron was filmed in and around Vancouver's Chinatown district with a small number of stores in the area having Greek language signs (ancient and modern Greek was used as the language of the Taurons in Caprica) while the rest of the shops retained their Chinese language signs for the duration of the filming. [1]

Cultural References


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