MAGLEV Bombing


Caprica City




Ben Stark
Zoe Graystone
Shannon Adama
Tamara Adama

The MAGLEV Bombing was a terrorist attack perpetrated on MAGLEV Train 23 in Caprica City on Maius 7, 42YR.


Over five-hundred people were killed and one-hundred were injured when Soldiers of the One sympathizer Ben Stark detonated a bomb in the crowded train. Among the deceased are his girlfriend, Zoe Graystone (the daughter of Cylon creator Daniel Graystone) and Joseph Adama's wife Shannon and daughter Tamara. ("Pilot")

Train 23 explodes.

It is not known if Stark acted alone or under orders from someone higher up in the monotheistic cult. Clarice Willow tells Lacy Rand that Ben did something premature. Ben's best friend, Keon Gatwick, built the parts used for the bomb, but he did not know Ben was going to use them to blow up the train. Barnabas Greeley, the leader of a more violent STO cell in Caprica City, has knowledge of these events and may have given the order. ("Pilot") ("Know Thy Enemy")


MAGLEV bombing memorial service invitation

One month later on Junius 7, 42YR, Graystone Industries sponsors a memorial service for the victims of the bombing. ("Rebirth")

Baxter Sarno says in his monologue that hackers have created a virtual game version of the bombing. ("Reins of a Waterfall")

Heracles tells Tamara that New Cap City was updated to include the bombing site. ("There Is Another Sky")

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