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102 Amanda Revelation 2
MAGLEV Bombing Memorial Service
Name MAGLEV Bombing Memorial Service
Type Memorial Event
Location Apollo Park in Caprica City
Episode Rebirth
Characters Daniel Graystone
Amanda Graystone
Joseph Adama
Jordan Duram
Natalie Stark
Bodyguard Sean
Man at the Mic
Female at the Mic
Angry Crowd No 1
Angry Crowd No 2

A Memorial Service for victims of the MAGLEV Bombing is held in Apollo Park on Junius 7, 42YR, exactly one month after the bombing. Graystone Industries has sponsored the event. ("Rebirth")

Friends and family members of the victims speak from the podium. Daniel and Amanda Graystone attend the memorial event. Their daughter, Zoe Graystone, perished in the bombing.

Natalie Stark approaches Amanda. Mrs. Stark is the mother of Zoe's boyfriend, Ben Stark, who was killed in the bombing, and (unbeknownst to everyone) the suicide bomber. She returns some of Zoe's things to Amanda, including an infinity symbol pin.

102 Memorial Crowd 1

The crowd is shocked by Amanda's confession.

Amanda remembers that the infinity symbol is associated with Soldiers of the One and concludes that her daughter was a member of that organization. However, she incorrectly assumes that Zoe was responsible for the bombing. GDD Agent Jordan Duram keeps an eye on Amanda from a distance.

Joseph Adama is also at the memorial. His wife, Shannon Adama, and daughter, Tamara Adama, died in the bombing. He confronts Daniel Graystone. Joseph wants to return to the Virtual World to see his daughter's avatar, which Daniel created from a copy of Zoe's sentient avatar program. Daniel says that is not possible. He explains that Tamara's avatar disappeared at the same time Zoe's avatar program crashed. ("Pilot") ("Rebirth")

Amanda makes her way to the podium and announces that her daughter was a terrorist and was responsible for the bombing. She shows Zoe's infinity pin to the crowd. This is caught on the television cameras. She tearfully apologizes for her daughter's actions.

102 Angry Crowd Chases Graystones

The angry crowd chases the Graystones.

The crowd erupts into a furor. Daniel's bodyguard quickly escorts Daniel and Amanda to their car while the crowd shouts angrily at them. The police hold the crowd back. Duram has Amanda's confession. Joseph watches in sadness as the Graystones speed away.

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Filming Location[]

Apollo Park was shot at a public plaza near Vancouver's Convention Centre. Its “green roof” is visible on the right side of the wide shots. [1]


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