The Meta-cognitive processor (MCP) is an independent artificial brain that enables or enhances artificial intelligence in combat robots. The MCP is produced by the Vergis Corporation.

In an attempt to resurrect his daughter Zoe, who died in the MAGLEV bombing, Daniel Graystone asks Joseph Adama to use his Ha'la'tha connections to steal the MCP. He believes that is the one piece of technology he needs to complete the military robot his company is developing for the Caprican military. He downloads a copy of his daughter's sentient avatar into the MCP in an attempt to bring his "daughter" into the real world where she can live inside the robot.

Then Daniel installs the MCP into the prototype U-87 robot. The experiment is initially successful, but the program quickly fails and the U-87 collapses at Daniel's feet. Daniel immediately enters the V-World only to discover the software crash destroyed the original avatar (and the program used to create it) in the process.

However, the MCP's original capabilities remain intact. At a demonstration for military officials, the U-87's anticipation and targeting abilities are increased to an acceptable level of proficiency. Impressed with the demonstration, Defense Minister Joan Leyte awards the military contract to Graystone Industries. ("Pilot")

MCP Diagram

After the theft, Tomas Vergis arrives at the Vergis Corporation offices. He notices a broken alarm panel outside his laboratory. Carefully entering, he makes his way to the MCP Research room. The door to the room is broken, allowing access. Using a handkerchief instead of his hands, Vergis enters the room and looks at the empty MCP stand. He then notices blood and two bodies in the corner. ("Know Thy Enemy")

"The Tauron Globe Times" online news site covers the story in an article entitled, "High Tech Theft Leaves Workers Slain." Two Caprican online news sites, "The Caprican Financial Times" and "Defense Times" (an armed forces news outlet), also cover the story. ("End of Line")

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