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Military Father
Military Father
Biographical Information
Name Unknown
Origin Virtual World
Occupation Soldier
Spouse Military Mother
Children Tessa (daughter)
Johnny (son)
Status Living
Owner N/A
Character Information
Portrayer Rogan Christopher
Episode "False Labor"

Military Father is a character in a proposed Graystone Industries commercial for the Resurrection Program. Daniel Graystone is the narrator.

A grieving mother and her children stand next to the coffin of her husband. The dead soldier suddenly walks into the room. It is her husband. He has been brought back to life as a sentient avatar. He has a joyful reunion with his wife and children. 

They can visit him in the Virtual World anytime. This is "Grace", by Graystone.

Daniel is angry that Cyrus Xander appropriated his image without permission. He wants the entire commercial scrubbed, but the Guatrau overrules him, saying it is sweet and children will find it comforting.