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For the mother in the "Grace by Graystone" commercial, see Military Mother.
110 Blessed Mother
Biographical Information
Name Unknown
Nickname Holy Mother
Reverend Holy Mother
Blessed Mother
Origin Gemenon
Residence Monotheist Church Retreat on Gemenon
Occupation Head of the Monotheist Church
Religion Monotheism
Status Living
Character Information
Portrayer Meg Tilly
First Episode "Unvanquished"
Last Episode "The Heavens Will Rise"
Episode Count 2

Mother (Holy Mother, Reverend Holy Mother, Blessed Mother) is the head of the Monotheist Church. Her given name is unknown. "Mother" is an honorific.


She lives on Gemenon at a place called the Retreat, which is located within the Church's headquarters. The Head of the Conclave, Obal Ferras, is her advisor. When members of the faith are presented to Mother, they must kneel before her. When they withdraw, they kiss her ring.


After Clarice Willow presents her plan for Apotheosis to the Conclave, Obal visits with Mother. He decries her plan as heresy and asks for her permission to assassinate Clarice. Mother gives her consent. However, Clarice gets wind of the plot on her life and uses her charisma to turn the tables. Clarice and Diego surprise Obal with a Caesarian assassination. Mother witnesses it all.

Mother is skeptical of Clarice's concept of a Virtual Heaven, preferring faith in the One True God over a man-made "artificial" heaven. However, realizing the strategic possibilities of such a computer program, she gives Clarice the authority to become the leader of all of the STO cells on Caprica. ("Unvanquished")


By 47YR, she has been removed from her position as Mother and Lacy Rand has taken her place. ("Apotheosis")

Behind the Scenes[]

Season Two[]

"The Caprica Times" website interviewed Kevin Murphy about what would have happened if Caprica had been renewed for a second season. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

The Caprica Times: Lacy, together with Odin, has risen to power among the Monotheists. But what happened to Mother?

Kevin Murphy: I would never ever kill Meg Tilly! She’s in exile and wants her old job back. She would have had a killer scene with Stoltz, as Daniel would see her as an uneasy ally against Clarice. Neither wants to see Clarice stirring up a robot insurrection. Clarice would have been allied with Lacy, so this would have created a father/daughter firestorm once Zoe got wind of what Dad was trying to pull against her once and future BFF. [1]


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