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Nestor Son of Neleus
Name Nestor Son of Neleus
Debut Rebirth
Significance Nestor Willow
Photo Earth painting of Nestor and his sons offering a sacrifice to Poseidon.[1]

Nestor was the Son of Neleus, King of Pylos (Navarino) in Elis, and of Chloris. All of his brothers were slain by the Greek hero Heracles, but Nestor escaped. In the Iliad he is about seventy years old, and sage and pious. His role is largely to incite the warriors to battle and to tell stories of his early exploits, which contrast with his listeners’ experiences, shown to be soft and easy in comparison with his own. In the Odyssey he tells Telemachus about the sufferings and trials he and others endured during the Trojan War.[2]



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