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105 New Cap City Fire Escape
New Cap City
Type Game
Location Virtual World
Debut "There Is Another Sky"
Characters See list of players below
Cultural References Capricorn

New Cap City is a game in the Virtual World created by hackers.


New Cap City is digitally and virtually identical to Caprica City, only without laws, and there are additional features, such as large aircraft. It is a non-fantasy game with the same physical laws as real life. The object of the game is unknown. It is interpreted differently by different people. If a player "dies" in-game, their avatar de-rezzes, and that person is banned from the game permanently. ("There Is Another Sky") ("The Imperfections of Memory")

The Adamas[]

Tamara is very successful in New Cap City, owing to her ability to refrain from de-rezzing when wounded, which allows her to stay "playing" indefinitely. ("There Is Another Sky")

Joseph Adama goes to New Cap City to find Tamara and spends excessive time searching for her, abandoning his family responsibilities, such as forgetting his son's ink day. He gets addicted to amp. Both Heracles and Emmanuelle try to help him. Emmanuelle initially thought finding her would be a good thing, but eventually she realizes it is destroying his life. Therefore, she finds Tamara and asks for her help with her father. Tamara feigns suicide then de-rezzes him, forever banning him from the game. ("The Imperfections of Memory") ("Ghosts in the Machine") ("End of Line")

Death Walker[]

The Avenging Angels[]

115 Avenging Angels

The Avenging Angels

Nestor and Olaf go to Sinny McNutt's Slash and Cut Den of Iniquity to kill the Avenging Angels (Zoe and Tamara), but the Angels kill them instead. Daniel Graystone sees his daughter here, but as soon as Zoe sees him, she dashes out the door to avoid him. ("The Dirteaters")


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