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115 Obolus Holdings
Obolus Inc.
Type Corporation
Location Leonis
Debut "The Dirteaters"
Significance Guatrau's shell company
Characters Guatrau (Chairman)
Joseph Adama (Liaison to Graystone Industries)
Evelyn (Joseph's Executive Assistant)
Cultural References Obolus (word)

Obolus Inc. is a Leonis corporation with holdings across the Twelve Colonies.

Corporate Affairs[]

Obolus is the shell company belonging to Caprica's Guatrau. It is a front for the business dealings of the Ha'la'tha. Their typical business practice is to take all of the capital from an acquisition, then break up and sell what is left. ("The Dirteaters") ("Unvanquished")

Obolus Recent Mergers and Acquisitions, and the Company Status:

  • Nex elecom - Liquidated
  • Edincords - Bankrupt
  • Tecustar - Insolvent
  • Serveti - Receivership
  • Tampanoy - Bankrupt

In 42YR the Caprica Securities Service dropped two investigations of the company dealing with allegations of insider trading. ("The Dirteaters")

Graystone Deal[]

To regain control of his company and get the funding needed to continue his work on the MCP, Daniel Graystone makes a deal with the Guatrau to secure the help of the Ha'la'tha. This results in the acquisition of Graystone Industries by Obolus. ("Unvanquished")

Concerned about possible negative ramifications of his deal with the Ha'la'tha, Daniel researches Obolus to see what happened to its other acquisitions. He discovers that those corporations were dissolved and their CEOs deceased. ("The Dirteaters")

Cultural References[]