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Office of the Prime Minister (Caprica)
Name Office of the Prime Minister
Type Government Executive Office
Location Caprica City
Debut "Pilot"
Characters Jordan Duram
Cultural References Capricorn

The Office of the Prime Minister is the highest executive office on Caprica.

At a press conference two weeks after the MAGLEV bombing, the Mayor of Caprica City introduces Agent Jordan Duram of the Global Defense Department to speak about the Soldiers of the One and their probable involvement in the bombing. Duram speaks on behalf of the Office of the Prime Minister. ("Pilot")

101 Jordan Duram Press Conference

Agent Jordan Duram speaks on behalf of the Office of the Prime Minister at the press conference.

Due to the fact that Graystone Industries is five years behind schedule and half-a-billion cubits over budget, the Prime Minister gets a lot of pressure to yank the Cyber Combat Unit contract from Graystone and go off-world with it, probably to the Vergis Corporation. In the wake of Defense Minister Val Chambers' murder, Secretary of Defense Joan Leyte is sent to Graystone Industries to represent the Prime Minister at a demonstration of the U-87 military robot in Graystone's bid for the lucrative defense contract. ("Pilot")

There is a Kill Zone in the V-Club where you can kill the Prime Minister or anyone else you choose. ("Pilot")