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Mount Olimpos
Name Olympos
Other Names Olympus, Olimpos (variant)
Debut There Is Another Sky
Significance 615 Olympic Street, No. 3 (Joseph Adama's home)

Olympia Stallions (Tauron pyramid team)

Photo Mount Olympos on Earth[1]

Olympos (Olympus) is a mountain in Greece. Mount Olympos is situated in the north-east of Thessaly, and is about six thousand feet high. Its summit rises above the clouds of heaven and is itself cloudless.


Ancient Greek Religion[]

Olympos is the abode of the gods. On the summit, Hephaestus built a town with gates, which was inhabited by Zeus and the other gods. The palace of Zeus contained an assembly-hall, in which met not only the gods of Olympus, but those also who dwelt on the earth or in the sea. This celestial mountain must indeed be distinguished from heaven; but as the gods lived in the city which rose above the clouds and into heaven, they lived at the same time in heaven, and the gates of the celestial city were at the same time regarded as the gates of heaven.[2]


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